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Well the NADEO idea for the publishing wallpapers whit game looks working, cause for a few days, the tm community gather all the pieces of the puzzle. They ware something about 250-300, and the forum where they ware find reach ~80 pages! This show how big is the interest about the new game. Well i thing is time to show it to you :)

Wallpaper 2 – CANYON

So what are we see here. That what many people saw before, when the puzzle was building. The bumper of the yellow car is hitted, and it is going to broke. So, there are collisions, but for our luck now whit cars, but whit the world around the car as hylis wrote

As you can see the car’s paint is scratched and the bumper is hanging down on the left side.So, no collisions between cars, but colliding with environmental elements seems to cause damage to the car..

there won`t be car to car collisions, cause this wont be anymore trackmania, but again the new boring racing game… So this was the secound wallpaper, and the third is now building.The secound is bigger than the first, and it looks like the thirds is going to be larger, or whit smaller pieces, which will make the building of it a lot harder to the community.  For now it looks it have about 600-700 pieces ! And in the main maniaplanet forum they reach 50 pages. You can send pieces too   at THIS link, and HERE is full list of the founded parts. I hope soon they will show us the proggres, until then we can wait :)


WALLPAPER 3!!! – the new one, assembled in 36 hours! I have noting to write about it because it have not nothing new on it, that we did not saw in the previous one … Only new i can give you is the manialink i found : PuzzleMania.

Ok here is just some news about the release of the trackmania2:

The dates I am giving were always sincere. The Q4 2010 for the beta was a real one, but after some months, I wanted to make the gameplay model even more solid, the graphics even better and to make some blocks for both of it based on this thougts. Meanwhile, we were improving the ManiaScript speed and stability since it is difficult to make too many evolution on a scripting language once code is started to be wrote on it. I have spent some ‘weeks’ in meeting and setting up the publishing internally. This is also how we are able to launch this normally this month (Note: today is April 8 2011) , with upcoming printed press articles combined with community priority reveal ;)

The weeks after E3 (Note: E3 Expo = June 7-9, 2011) is serious, but if we have some new discovery on ShootMania, we may prefer to wait a little to overcome the new challenges, instead of launching maniaplanet and do that at the same time. I feel we are on a great path at the moment, but if there is a new great ideas that has to be done before the first release in order to make it possible, I would have to make a choice. It is far from simply releasing a game, it is releasing an operating system that should enables players to create in it, but also support evolution from us. Also, making an online system that handles the maniaplanet system, instead of three separate games, is a development we had to make before the beta of TM².

Anyway, I hope you will appreciate the quality of the work as soon as possible!

Until mid-june, we reveal the game
after, we start talking about the beta