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E3 2011 Live Event

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, is an annual trade show for the computer and video games industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is used by many video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware.

So… At all in 3 days we will see the main announce of trackmania 2! And maybe ShootMania at all. But biggest hope is to see the full game in stores just after the E3. After 3 days we will be able to watch it on internet, but i`m not shure exactly how, so if i have any more news i`ll present them to you about the live streaming.


Environment News!

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Environment, trackmania2
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The idea is to release around three titles per year, one for each game. I would like to see one TM², one SM and one QM environment each year. Now, this is more like the general idea. We may do less if there is too much work on each, or may be more if we have a better production capacity (it is really not linked to the number of people only, but the quality and ability to be more while keeping deepness) so, this year, we want to release two title: one TM² and one SM, and ideally, we would like to release three titles next year. But now that we are well advanced on the first TM², we have to work a lot on the first SM.

This was writen in the Trackmania 2 forum. As you see it`s true that we will have one new environment each year  for all 3 games. But as i understand in the other comments in the forum, we may have to pay each year for different env.

Here what Hylis exactly said:

The price of each title will be independent. You can see this as smaller game release more often. The goal is to make a continuous release. If we release three environment in the year, at 19€90 each for example, then it would make you pay 59€70 each year for the three different environments and getting at the same time the online and engine evolution. And if you prefer only TM² and QM, for example, you can take only two and it will cost you less.

19 EUR each! That make as he say about 60 EUR per year, to stay on whit the new updates in the game. I`m not shure that they will make the progress as this the old trackmania. And i specialy hope that they will make copy to the stadium in TM2.

Well for now we have one wallpaper of the new environment : Canyon. Here you can find it : WALLPAPER .If you take a closer look, you will see in the front of the car the UBISOFT  company. Yea, it was written before that ubisoft buy nadeo or something like that but it wasnt shure. Now it looks real, wicth means only good thinks :)

It was created in the NADEO game whit the puzzels. I`m not shure what was their idea whit this, but it actualy look very nice! The colors, the HD car model and the HDRI are just awsome! Also NADEO change the text “COMMING SOON” in the maniaplanet whit the more nice looking – “COMMING SOON – VERY SOON!”, which in best case means in the close a few weeks! Well it stays only to hope to come early. The next question we may ask is What will happen whit TMNF?! I let you to answer this here. Bye until next news!

Finaly on!

Posted: April 5, 2011 in creations, News, team news
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Here is realized the new apl-team server. I`m proght to present it to you. I`t is run on the wordpress system which give it flexability and fresh new design. I hope to be more useful to you!

apl team "header"

If you aprove it, we may buy it a name like ! I hope to make and the forum soon. I don`t promise to you that it will be whit the same data as now, but it will work much better!  Wait now, cause it`s under construction. If there are people that understand of these systems, and specialy ucoz, i`ll be happy to help me . For now bye!