New forum

Posted: April 6, 2011 in creations, News, team news

Ok i finaly made the new forum. You can check it in the link right of this post. It`s a image writing – [Enter Forum], or join from here. Just click it, register, and if you are a memmber of the team you`ll take the title you need to read in the private section. If you have registration in the site (here) , this does not mean that you`ll have and in the forum. So if you wana post here, and write there you are gonna need two accounds. The forum is based on the invision system. It is the older version, but it`s only one free. Now you can use the new forum as the older, but faster loading, and less disorientation :).
The skin is white, close to this one and more visible. There are no smiles. I decide this cause it can get heavy, and slow loading. The old topics wont be there, cause the forums are from different systems, and also ucoz does not give me the opportunity to take the database of the forum, and replace it in the new one. So all will be new again. I think it`s not a big loose, cause the old topics are death :). But if you wana see them, the old forum will be steel on. I please you to don`t write there, but in the new one.

After you get in the forum, you may not see most of the forums, cause you`re still a guest. Jut register and all be fine. After this, the home page is the [PORTAL]. There you`ll see the new infromation. To get in to the well known forums layout, just lick at the top left “Index“. Then all will be fine. PLease comment for this portal. Write if you like it or not.

Good luck and have fun!


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